Frequently Asked Questions

What is NLP?
NLP is a revolutionary approach to personal development and communication, and it is non-dogmatic and completely non-religious. It is based on the realisation that by changing how you think Ė you can change what you think and thus shape your life to suit your real needs and goals.

NLP uses simple and easily learnt techniques to re-programme your mind and life and to help you improve relationships, learn faster, overcome your fears and limitations and succeed in your goals (even help your formulate them and find out what you really want deep down).

The most wonderful discovery here is that you can change and that no one needs to be stuck with the same old limitations for life. The key to freedom is through how and what we think. Many of us take our Ďstucknessí for granted. NLP is a way out of that Ďstucknessí and, if you are still not convinced, ask any one of the thousands who have experienced it In essence, NLP explores the dynamics between mind and body (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how the interplay (programming) affects our behaviours.

Change your thoughts, change your feelings, change the outcome CHANGE YOUR LIFE - BUY NOW!!

Will using the e-book make me 100% fluent?
First of all no one is 100% fluent. If you watch tv you will notice that even professional speakers arenít always fluent. But with the tools used in the e-book you will see and feel improvement in either your speech or your reaction to it.

Will the tools work straight away?
Some of them will. But those limiting beliefs that have been conditioned in you for a long time will take a bit longer, but not as long as you might think. Changing your body language (page 37 of the e-book) will have an immediate effect on how you feel. Drop your shoulders as you read this and look at the floor and breathe with a lifeís tough sigh and monitor how you feel now?

If I have been negative about myself and stammered for over 40 years will it take 40 years to recondition myself positively?
No. I have helped clients lose 40 year old phobias (fear of heights etc) in 40 minutes. I believe that once you get some positive self feedback by using these tools you will in a sense re-wire the brain. Success creates more success and vice versa. For example I can use the phone now so easily that I donít consciously think anymore Ďpeople are around what if I block and sound stupid etcí it doesnít even enter my head anymore, yet I used to automatically think negatively. If you can learn an automatic negative reaction you must be able to unlearn or create automatic positive one and feeling good can only speed up everything.

If I donít get any improvement can I have my money back?
I canít see how you wouldnít get ANY improvement if not on your speech, you will improve your confidence and self esteem or and your recovery. But I would pay you 100% of your money back.

Do ALL the tools work?
YES but in different ways for different people. My idea is to give you a invisible bum bag with all these tools in and you use the ones that suit you. If I only gave you one or two and you didnít gel with them you could possible waste your money but not here.

Can I e-mail you if I donít understand any part of it?
Of course I would love to hear from you with any feedback or problems I can help with. My email is

Whatís the difference between your advice and others on the market?
A lot of help book and courses deal with the stammer itself and the the effect. I know from my own situation I had more of a self esteem problem and teaching me how to breath and speak in a certain way helped but once I was in a situation where my confidence was zero I couldnít even think of what I was supposed to do. Plus I am not a speech therapist I am a recovering stammerer that has been there and felt the t shirt. In my book we also look at you as a whole person, your beliefs and self talk and also look at the power the stammer has over you and help reduce this if not eliminate it.

Will these tools work with other problems I have eg-self confidence issues?
100%. I use these tools every day in my Fitness classes, martial art classes, 1-2-1 life coaching and corporate training. I CANNOT think of any problem that these tool wonít help with as I cannot think of any human issue that doesnít involve the mind and how the mind effects the body and our outcomes and decisions.

How long will I need to practise these tools to get results?
Totally depend on you. Like anything you do the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Some of the tools will work straight away as I said before like changing your body language to change the way you feel. Also looking at your negative beliefs and questioning them and developing more positive ones can make massive changes quickly. Mental rehearsal quickly rewires your brain. Some other you might have to work a bit harder and put some quality time in BUT the results are worth 1000 times more the time you put in and the money you have spent. I am finally being ME, doing and saying things I want to do and say. I am living my life to my full potential not a fraction of it I use to and this is priceless.

Can my stammer come back?
Impossible for me to say. But just as my brain used to be wired to stammer now without any conscious help from me, the reverse must be possible. I believe if it does you already have the tools to help it and believe you would get results even quicker now as you have a positive belief that you can do it.

Are the tools hard to understand and apply?
No not at all. I have removed all the jargon from the NLP and made it clear and easy to understand.

What if I cannot learn the tools?
There is no reason why you canít as you are already using them and have always done. We look at Self talk, you are already self talking, your self talk will decide if to buy this e book or not and your beliefs in the book and yourself will also determine your decision and the level of results you will get. Also we use mental rehearsal, that is going over in your mind how you will do something but always in the positive. We use anchors that are triggers to enable you to switch on to feeling good. Do you not already self talk, have beliefs and mentally rehearse yourself before a stressful speaking situation. You are already an expert in NLP you have just been using the tools in a negative way. And these above are just an example there are more tools in the book to help you.

How bad was your stammer?
My stammer was strange, I could talk inside the family home almost fluently but once I step outside I completely changed, school life was terrifying and using the phone and talking to girls or anyone in authority completely blocked me. My way to keep safe was not to speak.