What you will get from the book

• A tutor who knows exactly what it feels like to have a stammer and how crippling it can be to your self esteem, confidence and everyday life
• A book explaining ways to stop your stammer in its tracks and give you back control of your speech and your life
• Diagrams and examples that explain theory
• A practical handbook filled with powerful exercises, tools and techniques
• Exercises that will help you focus on your speech, self-talk, body language, beliefs so that you can identify how your stammer works, and then tools to counteract it
• 12 memorable steps to stop you stammering
• 12 practical exercises that will allow you to get to grips with what your stammer is, when and why it happens
• Relaxation tools
• Self esteem and confidence boosters
• A new perspective on your stammer that diminishes its power and puts you back in charge
• Recovery techniques so that you can move on quickly from a stammer
• Printable handouts for you to carry with you

What you won’t get from the book:

• Blocks of theory without practical exercises. In fact the book comes in two parts, the first explaining the tools and techniques and then a practical handbook with 12 exercises so that you can complete clear questions and exercises that identify and focus on your stammer and how it affects you.
• Jargon. I have provided personal examples and experiences to demonstrate how the theories work. I do not believe in using fancy terminology.
• False promises. The book does not guarantee that you will never stammer again, rather it focuses on reducing the power of your stammer so that you stammer less, and on the rare occasions you do, you recover instantly.

If you read the e-book and are not satisfied I will offer you a Cast Iron Money Back Guarantee! AN INTERESTING CONCEPT

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Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.

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